Productivity in its true sense differs for everyone. It’s subjective and personal. However, the idea of doing what you’re supposed to remains the same. Completing daily chores could be someone’s productivity, whereas finishing an assignment could be someone else’s. To truly maintain being productive means to stop procrastinating. You really have to get up there and accomplish what you’ve been meaning to for so long. The little goal you achieve daily conditions your mind and body to pick up the pattern and your body to understand the lifestyle. Most successful people in the world follow a set of habits that have helped them reach their goal. Here are a few habits that will help you increase your productivity:

  • WAKING UP EARLY AND MAKING YOUR BED– As cliché as it sounds, waking up early helps you finish work before noon and still have so much energy left. The first thing you should do after waking up is make your bed. Since your bed is often the biggest object in your room, keeping it clean gives your brain the illusion that your space is tidy and helps you feel more organized.
  • SET YOUR GOALS FOR THE DAY– Journaling your work for the rest of the day helps you plan out your timing beforehand giving you a clear picture about how you should be dividing your time. You can jot down the simplest thing from taking a walk to cooking a meal. Visualizing helps you begin the day with a positive attitude.
  • NEVER SKIP CLEANING YOUR ROOM– Before leaving your house, make sure to clean your surroundings. Cleaning as when you see a mess can help you save so much time and energy rather than pilling everything and pushing it to later. Like we mentioned, giving your brain the illusion of tidiness helps you feel more motivated to get going. In fact, you should spend some time decorating your room. the space you spend the majority of the time in makes a huge difference on your mood.
  • REVIEW YOUR GOALS AND PRIORITIZE THEM– Your goals can be really small or really big, they can also differ in their importance. Always check your long term and short term goals and prioritize what needs to be done first. Build an order for them and follow it. Write down your daily, weekly and monthly goals separately and keep ticking them off as you complete them. Avoid making a lengthy to-do list each day. This can overwhelm you and the inability to finish the tasks might make you feel demotivated. Set practical and realistic goals that is possible to accomplish in a day.
  • AVOID MULTITASTING–  This can lead to frustration and disappointment. Focus on completing one task with all your attention and only then move on to the other. Doing too many things at one go can alter the results for each of those and also become tiresome.
  • Follow the ‘2-minute rule”– Entrepreneur Steve Olenski suggested the 2-minute. Following this rule can save you so much time from small tasks that it is almost impossible to believe! According to the rule, if you see a task that can be completed within 2 minutes, then you should do it right away. Steve believes that doing the task right away takes much less time than doing it later.
  • TAKE SMALL BREAKS– Taking small breaks after every task can help you enjoy your achievement and feel accomplished. However, make sure to not make these breaks last long since you can easily be carried away and left with all the unfinished work at the end of the day.

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