As a women, there are multiple roles that need to be taken up for the society, from being a mother to a wife to a caretaker etc. As hard as it to hear the truth, we go through so many different emotions, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Some of these mood swings could be caused […]


Productivity in its true sense differs for everyone. It’s subjective and personal. However, the idea of doing what you’re supposed to remains the same. Completing daily chores could be someone’s productivity, whereas finishing an assignment could be someone else’s. To truly maintain being productive means to stop procrastinating. You really have to get up there […]


We often become our worst enemies while going through a mental illness like depression. The hard hitting truth is, a chronic mental illness can affect our lives in multiple ways from our personal identity to our professional life and also our social relations. Depression could be the source of your relationship’s problems. A large body […]

The best and worst low carb foods

A low carb diet is believed to help reduce the risk of heart diseases for you. It can also help you reduce your weight. Other than that, it has a variety of other benefits. We have listed a number of best and worst low carb food items for you to make a note of. Yes, […]

Perfect diet tips for weight loss

Weight loss is important for a variety of reasons. Being overweight can make one prone to several illnesses that can be avoided just by following a simple diet that can help you reduce your weight. But always remember that “fat” is still beautiful. Here are a few tips that might help you: Reduce carbs in […]

Stop hair fall with these herbs and oils

Your crowning brilliance may be a bit troublesome, particularly when it begins to thin. We can’t sleep at night when we see fragile threads and clutching of knotted hair in bristles. According to experts, constant hair loss may be exceedingly unpleasant for us have a adverse affective influence on our general well-being. “One of the […]

Ayurveda: a naturally powerful weapon for weight loss

It might be challenging to remain focused and recognize what is genuinely good and efficient for healthy reduction of weight in a world that is always bombarding us with next healthiest. Anxiety is one of our current societal biggest sources of fluid retention, therefore the very last thing people need is to be stressed about […]

Eating Disorders vs. Disordered Eating

Feeling sorry for having eaten when you’re starving is similar to constantly worrying for breathing when your lungs are in desperate need of oxygen. We’ve been taught that our fundamental human wants should be ashamed of ourselves. Refuse to be embarrassed. It is permissible for you to eat. Food obsessions, fashionable diets, technological applications that […]


Importance of Menstrual hygiene

As a woman, menstruation becomes the biggest part of your life. It is so important and yet there is such little knowledge or awareness about it. Menstrual cycles come with truck loads of changes in your body. Bleeding being the number one, but not the only change. It is often associated with throbbing cramps and […]

Tips to handle and control anxiety

Today, according to the World Health organization about 3.6%, that is about 264 million individuals worldwide suffer from anxiety disorders and yet most people dismiss the feeling of uneasiness in the chest and stomach without putting any thought into it. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness and uneasiness about something with an uncertain outcome. […]

Tips for healthy and long hair

There’s a saying that women’s beauty lies in her hair, the longer and richer her hair, the more it adds to her beauty. But our recent climatic changes, pollution and nutrition choices have made it impossible for the hair to grow longer. The outcome has left it looking dry and dull. However, we’ve got some […]

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