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Explore Meditagg, a secure and integrated EMR software to assist you in organizing the healthcare of your patients and streamlining your clinical workflow.

Paving the way for innovation in healthcare

Meditagg is an electronic medical record (EMR) which can store medical history, diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, allergies, lab results, doctor's notes and much more in a digital form where both hospital, administrators and even patients can access from any device, anywhere!

About Meditagg

Our journey so far

Meditagg has been continuously striving to help healthcare providers in different regions all over the world to keep their patient data safe while streamlining their clinical workflow for better patient care.


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Faster and Easier Assessment of Patients with Meditagg

Faster & Easier Assessment

Save space by eliminating paper records needing to be stored, managed and retrieved. Reduce administrative difficulties and operational costs. Optimize workflow and increased number of patients served per day.

Easy Integration of Hospitals, Pharmacies, Labs, Insurance and State Health with Meditagg

Easy Integration

Interface easily with hospitals, pharmacies, labs, insurance and state health systems. Customizable and scalable electronic records. Provide clinical alerts and remainders.

Zero Error and Data is Secured with Meditagg

Zero error & Secure Data

Quicker assessment and care from medical professionals. Enhanced privacy and security of patient data. Reduction in patient errors and improved patient care.

Return On Investment


Increased Productivity & Revenue

Most of the encounter notes can be completed during the point of care, which increases productivity and ensures accuracy in documentation.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Decreases the need for operational personnel, lowering overhead. EMR systems streamline scheduling which greatly improves operations.


Improved Patient Satisfaction

Tools for screening, medication interaction, treatment plans and e-prescription lead to improved patient outcomes and better patient care.


  • 24x7 easy access

    Our mobile-responsive solutions are compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari internet browsers providing you 24x7 seamless access to patient records.

  • Expedite patient interactions

    Our systems are designed to accelerate the patient charting process, thereby maximizing your patient interaction throughout the day.

Features of Meditagg
  • Simple and engaging user interface

    Cutting-edge user interface, specifically designed for doctors to look natural and eye-pleasing.

  • Patient scheduling

    Securely register and request appointment refills for patients with ease along with choosing a reason for their visit.

  • Personal Telemedicine

    MEDITAGG is integrated with comprehensive Telemedicine / Telehealth Software to enhance the reach and patient satisfaction.

HIPPA compliance and data safety

Meditagg has prebuilt and maintained HL7 libraries which are compliant with HIPPA. Centralized point-and-click, mark-and-map process for defining data transformations. Meditagg complies with healthcare IT industry standards such as HIPPA and HL7 ensuring data security and avoiding data loss.

Meditagg's HIPPA Compliances and Data Safety

Lets get started with Meditagg

The vision - Better healthcare for all

Our highly experienced Developers consultants will work with you, advising you on how you can harness the power of IT to overcome your problems and meet your business objectives. We will introduce you to the wide range of solutions like EMR and Telehealth that we offer and inform you of how they can benefit your organization.

User modules

Meditagg provides access to multiple users with modular architecture which is easy to customize and use as per the clinical requirement.










Frequently asked questions

Meditagg helps you to expedite your clinical workflow by minimizing the paperwork and streamlining the workflow for better patient care. Learn more about Meditagg or feel free to reach out to us if you have any further queries.

What is Meditagg?

Meditagg is clinical management software created to digitalize and transform the traditional clinical workflow including storage, retrieval and analysis of patient records. It helps you create e-prescription and easy access to data and sharing securely. It also has pharma, laboratory and inventory management integrated which makes it easier for the end-to-end process.

Meditagg offers a complete one stop solution for your digital clinical management software with easy to use and highly customizable fields where you're in complete control of your data. With faster and easy assessment, expedite your patient interactions with 0 errors.

Meditagg has a modular structure for different functions of your clinic/hospital including tele-consultation, which helps your organization to reduce costs and increase efficiency by opting for a paperless workflow.

Meditagg has different subscription plans structure including basic plan for small clinics to customized Pro plan for large and multispecialty clinics. You can start using Meditagg simply by subscribing to our basic plan. Contact our sales team to get your solution tailor made at [email protected]

Meditagg is HIPAA compliant and follows HL7 standards for data management which are securely stored in cloud platforms with encryption. It is also certified by GDPR on teleconsultations.

Meditagg will not own or account for the content and amount of data stored under the clinic's name. The clinical data including patient's record, organizational data will not be accessed or shared to any entity whatsoever without permission. All the data will be stored in a cloud platform by Microsoft with all the encryption security in place.

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What our clients say

Check out what our existing clients think of Meditagg, how it is useful in their day to day operations to optimize their clinical workflow.


more clients think we are "Great"

Check out what our existing clients think of Meditagg, how it is useful in their day to day operations to optimize their clinical workflow.

Check out what our existing clients think of Meditagg, how it is useful in their day to day operations to optimize their clinical workflow.

Check out what our existing clients think of Meditagg, how it is useful in their day to day operations to optimize their clinical workflow.

Check out what our existing clients think of Meditagg, how it is useful in their day to day operations to optimize their clinical workflow.

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